openSUSE @ LFNW 2014

LinuxFest Northwest 2014 is shaping up to be a great event for openSUSE!

We'll be recreating the openSUSE Lounge in our luxurious 100 sqft. booth space.  Stop by and relax in a comfy chair, and have a sip of LimeJeOS with one of our awesome community volunteers!

openSUSE is about community, and about having fun... what better way to show it than a comfortable place to hang out in the middle of any otherwise busy conference hall?

The gang from Community Tech NW will be running the tutorium... this will be a great place to get hands-on with 13.1, as well as a variety of other distros.

The tutorium is, without a doubt, the strongest community component of LFNW - the chance to sit down in front of a variety of Linux desktops and get some advice from experienced users.

Bryan Lunduke and I will be co-presenting "10 things you would love about SUSE if you only knew..."
I'm almost as excited about publishing our out-takes as I am about doing this presentation.

In addition to openSUSE being a Gold sponsor, SUSE donated a dozen USB sticks to the World Famous Raffle.

I just need to decide which Live image to preload...

I hope you can come out and Have a Lot of Fun with us!


Rewind: LFNW 2013 presentation

I realized, while prepping for LinuxFest Northwest 2014, that I'd never published my 2013 presentation here. So...

Looking to build a web application?  You're going to want a JS framework to give your app some structure, and save yourself from building a new bowl of spaghetti code.
The problem is, we're spoiled for choice.  I'll sum up what I learned trying to find 'the right solution':  what options I evaluated; how I trimmed the fat and picked criteria to make a reasonable choice for a particular app; then spent some time actually building a small demo app to get in the groove.
Slides: ODP PDF